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    Working the Fabric

    Office clothing options just got a makeover with Svetlana Bevza’s stylish BEVZA FW16 collection.  It might even be blazing a trail for all professional women’s outfits, where the designs hit powerful woman highs.  As the models stride the walkway in pumps and sensible heels, the women create an aura that they are just that good.  The jackets and pantsuits demonstrate a comfortability in both the wearer’s clothing and femininity, without adhering to or attempting to imitate male attire.

    The pinstripes, plaid and abstract patterns exude confidence while demonstrating that professional clothing does not require throwing aside fashion preferences.  These bold choices for work appropriate wear reflect the changes in society as the margin between women’s and men’s pay grows smaller.

    Women gain more freedom and rights as this issue diminishes, and part of that freedom comes in their expression through attire.

    Bevza also addresses the taboo of wearing white after Labor Day.  Her bold designs make it seem convincing that white should always find its way into wardrobes, regardless of the month and/or date.  Her all white v-neck dress paired seems perfect for all four seasons, but it somehow still screams for colder weather--a feat that defies historic fashion no-noes.

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