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    One day from the life of a girl who wanted some "me" time

    BEVZA team positions their 2016 resort collection as a set of items for a girl who takes a vacation in her country house - far away from the hectic pace of her usual life. However, there is nothing light-headed or flirty about this collection: the core concept this time is dyed-in-the-wool minimalism and severe geometrical forms. We have to confess: such strictness was unexpected.

    The basic colors of the cruise set are white, ultramarine blue, light blue, ochre, and mauve pink. Also, the eternal classic is here: the black color, but not the darkest hue of it. The black parts of the outfits are made semi-transparent so that they look like cover-ups, not fully-fledges clothing items (those would look too heavy during summer season). 

    The pinpoint of the collection is the hooligan horizontal cuts on the trouser knees - those trousers come in dark and light option. Two of the looks includes a peaked cap, which is, apparently, a reference to the marine, naval aesthetics. The cap goes with the simple white midi dress, and with the trousers and orange top combination. 

    The collection also has a posh night out option - a luxurious silk maxi dress with an elaborate front strap crossing. Also, Svetlana BEVZA offers jacket and trousers suits, massive summer coats and light, partly transparent boots to match all of the available looks. 

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