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    The Rawest Season Yet

    DZHUS exemplifies why black was always the trendiest color.  The raw stitching and defiant looks by the models perfectly convey the AW16 collection’s name NIHILISM, which has two core meanings: rejecting religion and finding no meaning in life.  This juxtaposes how the models bring the clothing to life with how well all the fabric reacts to the models’ figures while the models’ expressions convey dull disregard.

    This unbelief parallels the drab aura of colder seasons, yet the clothing brings character and yells fashion statements at anybody looking at the unique designs.  The collection masters the balance of opposites: symmetry with asymmetry, angles with curves and regiment with relaxation.  Every outfit spoke for itself without any accessories (save for the simple black flats every model wore) to distract from the bold monochromatic designs.  The individuality DZHUS brings to fashion brought its name into the radars of top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar.

    Irina Dzhus, the company’s designer, brings philosophical messages to every outfit, and between all the meticulous details, one can see how hidden meanings easily fit within all the thick layers of cloth.  Every single outfit stays true to and communicates the brand’s motto “not just a label.”label.”

    Models: Sofia Pashkual @ PM Managment,  Inna Daukshene

    Photo: Olga Nepravda

    Style: Irina Dzhus

    Makeup & Hair: Maria Kolomiets

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