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    The story behind Irina DZHUS’s PRO FORMA is not as black and white as the color scheme of the DZHUS SS16 collection.  Inspired by unisex medical uniforms, this collection channels daily outfits with a flare, and DZHUS juxtaposes the ordinary designs with extraordinary details.  She layers cloth on top of cloth with origami precision, yet free-flowing fringes also make their way into her designs.  Those stylistic choices paired with fabric knotting, visible stitching and frayed edges all embody as well as convey the collection’s humble aura.

     In past collections, DZHUS rarely included elements to detract from the clothing structures, however she inundated this collection with cloth bows that aesthetically balance the outfits by acting as focal points without detracting from the outfit functionality.  While the many layers of cloth seem old-fashioned, peeks of skin ranging from the back to midriff play with ideas of conservatism.  Around half the models don headwear comparable to Amish bonnets, while the others wear simple cloth strips as headbands, though the design reasons stray more towards hygiene rather than to traditionalism.

     To highlight some of the mainly white designs, DZHUS outlined those outfits with black strips of cloth, and she gave the mainly black designs a similar treatment with white strips of cloth.  But regardless of the clothing color, simple black slippers accompanied every outfit; black shoes stay consistent throughout all of the DZHUS collections.

     And DZHUS also stays consistent with her black and white policy of using animal cruelty-free materials for every design.

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