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    They say what goes around, comes around. This applies perfectly to the clothing, and I don't need to say much more: just check out the new FLOW collection for the season of FALL WINTER 2015. The designer duo clearly took inspiration from the abundant heritage of the 1970s.

    It was a fascinating time: the hippies epoch was almost over, yet the disco era was still to begin. In politics, culture and social life there was a double impression of an idyllic world and at the same time a place of chaos and turmoil. People sought a solid ground to stand on, for something that guarantees security and elation. That is how elegance met casual look, and classical pieces became friends with eccentric details.

    More than 50 years divides us and the 1970s, which is enough for the fashion eternal circle to make its another round and return to the places once known. Here we go, reminiscing and rethinking the best examples of style of those days. An absolute advantage of 1970s looks is that all of us have access to our mothers' and elder sisters' closets that still contain the treasures of those fancy looks. However, for a really winning luxurious combination of the best 1970s fashion whams and the up-to-date issues, the new FLOW collection is the ultimate place to search. 

    For instance, take the 100% signature detail of the decade - the flared trousers. Both male and female fashion was taken without a fight by this trend. The FLOW team suggests that we keep the cut but experiment with the fabrics: now flared pants come in a multitude of motley prints and colors. Stipes, checkered pattern, flowers and dots - nothing is impossible! The designers offer to match these items with mellower, more reserved midi-length coats and cardigans. Also, is you are a contemporary art afficionado, the collection has a couple of true jewels: pants and overalls with prints of paintings' fragments.

    You will be delighted at the amount of silk that the collection can boast: it is, jokes aside, a real silky feast! In fact, silky blouses and trousers look very sophisticated by themselves and also when covered with thicker fleece coats. Many items of the collection are interchangeable and free to be combined in dozens of various ways. This option is convenient for those who loved the general concept of the collection and would like to enrich their basic wardrobe with something functional.

    Enjoy the strict fundamental black, the warm wooden ochre and sienna brown, as well as darker hues of red and sumptuous green that pamper you in this marvellous FALL WINTER 15 collection. Be sure to keep yourself warm this season, for warmth of body enables the warmth of the soul!

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