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    The most famous and up-and-coming successful European designers. | THEODIVO.COM
    Designer BEVZA

    The most famous and up-and-coming successful European designers. | THEODIVO.COM


    Since the beginning of her career, Svetlana Bevza has maintained the same unchanging style that oozes elegance and aristocracy. While minimalistic in approach, BEVZA clothing upholds a high standard of strict “architectural” cutting combined with sensuality and femininity.

    The BEVZA brand embodies charisma, success, harmony and wisdom in women’s clothing, as Svetlana’s designs convey both strength and collectiveness with grace.

    BEVZA’s trademark design is the WD (little white dress) concept. The dress itself serves as a symbol of sincerity and peace, as it conveys purity and positive vibes, remaining a constant feature of the brand throughout its collections and is a certain must-have for all BEVZA’s followers. It also possesses the minimalist, sensual, monochrome mindset that is present in all of Svetlana’s creations.

    The brand’s target audience is Russian and Ukrainian celebrities, trendsetters, businesswomen, and female politicians at the age of 25 to 40 years old.

    Ksenia Schnaider 

    Ksenia Schnaider is a Ukrainian designer that received worldwide acclaim for her Demi Denim jeans – a unique design that brings together shorts and trousers created out of new denim material. The lower part of the pants is called the Demi Denim Slims and comes in a variety of different colors (from the traditional light and dark blue to the unconventional black and white cotton).

    But the brand doesn’t limit itself only to jeans, as they create all kinds of denim clothes (oversized dresses, jackets, overalls and skirts). In addition, Ksenia Schnaider offers long white and black puritanical dresses, as well as sweatshirts with camo prints.

    Ksenia Schnaider is one of the trendsetters in the upcycling theme, as she frequently uses vintage denim materials and refined sports clothes from the late 80’s. The brand is also famous for its emphasis on unisex clothing, as they strive to give their designs a look that allows a man to look manly and a woman to stay feminine.

    The brand has made a point of creating designs that reflect the modern world, without playing with the retro theme or trying to jump into the future.


    Jealousy is an up-and-coming brand created by two talented designers – Sasha Stukalskaya and Tanu Muino.

    Their trademark designs include broad pullovers, overflowing with bright colors, and pants with original prints. Another asset of the brand is its loyal price policy, which allows them to appeal to a wider range of trend followers.

    The motley colors accompanied by creative inscriptions and paired with a hint of retro-style create a unique look for Jealousy designs. The brand itself is an organic mixture of femininity, boldness, and hooliganism. The brand’s motto is “I’m jealous of your outfit”, as their daring approach reaches even its marketing campaign.

    The lead designer of the Jealousy brand, Tanu Muino strives to create sexy designs with slight ironic touches that help the wearer gain confidence and bring positivity to their lives. The broad range of clothes allows any Jealousy client to work in an oversized hoodie in the office and to go to a nightclub in an ultra-short red mini in the evening.

    Gerry Weber 

    Gerry Weber is a multi-style brand that specializes in women’s clothing for the upper-class. This brand has several clothing lines that offer a unique collection of designs for a diverse range of purposes. 

    The Gerry Webber Edition – is a line of clothes designed in a casual-knitwear style, including shirts, blouses, pants and skirts. Taifun – is a casual woman’s line aimed at the widest possible audience and Samoon presents fashion clothes of large sizes.

    Ever since its creation, Gerry Webber entices its fans with femininity, grace, and elegance.

    But Gerry Webber doesn’t stop at knitwear clothing, they also offer elegant accessories that create unique combinations, introducing women to the unique world of fashion. In the brand’s understanding, the concept of fashion opens up a path to top-quality materials, original color combinations and unique designs. 

    Gerry Webber is a modern brand that stays clear of over the top experiments with fashion and is suited for women of all ages.

    Anna October
    Anna October is a Ukrainian brand of female clothing that embodies and transforms the concept of femininity in a playful form. Her designs awaken the feeling of youth with their original colors and shapes. Modern airiness and joy are the key values that Anna October represents with her collections.

    While working on new designs, Anna excels in combining objects that are completely different in style and contrasting colors.

    She creates dresses from transparent materials, iridescent like a soap-bubble, and fringe-rich clothing. Her winter clothes also share the “chameleon-material” feature as well as a geometrical silhouette and clear lines.

    Anna October aspires to convey her vision of “new luxury”, as well as her emotions, to her clients. The perfect client for her is simply - a happy person. She places an emphasis on elegant silhouettes and color, as femininity is her key theme.

    Yuliya Magdych

    Yuliya Magdych is one of the most famous Ukrainian designers and the only one to achieve success by adopting the increasing in popularity trend of using traditional national clothing. The secret of her achievement lies in the mix of understanding the folklore background of such elements and combining it with modern fashion designs, adjusting historical beauty to modern life.

    Yuliya Magdych doesn’t limit herself to creating only dresses and shirts, she also designs shawls, purses and wedding dresses.

    The defining feature of Yulia’s brand is the use of vintage Ukrainian embroidery in all of her creations. The designer views this element not only as a visual identification of her fellow countrymen but also as a purely aesthetic feature that underlines the beauty of her fashion style.

    Throughout her collections, the designer has proven time and again that her goal is to continue to reinvent traditional Ukrainian embroidery instead of focusing on temporary trends.

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