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    Skirt Weather? Six Flirty Skirt Styles to Keep You Warm This Season
    Are you excited to start wearing all your skirts and dresses this winter season? Here are some of the best winter styles for wearing skirts and dresses.
    African prints are often the most stunning pieces on the runway, displaying rich color and vibrant tight patterns or geometric shapes that symbolize the continent's unique culture, heritage, and one-of-a-kind textile artistry.
    Are African Prints Taking Over? Best Designers with New Designs
    Bеfоrе twо or three dесаdеѕ it might hаvе tаkеn a ѕоmе rеаrѕ to make it frоm runwау to mass mаrkеt, however, nоwаdауѕ рrоduсеrѕ hаvе put thе fаѕhiоn сусlе intо rарid ѕрееd. Nоw, a hot trend often mаkеѕ it appearance in lоw cost or diѕсоunt retail ѕtоrе in as littlе as a fеw days оr mоnthѕ.
    The 80's Returned To Become The Biggest Fashion Trend Of 2017
    The new 80’s wave only hit its stride by the fall of 2016, when the aforementioned designers were joined by Jeremy Scott, Isabel Marant, and, most notably, Mark Jacobs, as he used all the elements that made that era what it is. Fast-forward to spring 2017, and this trend is dominating now, including such titans of the industry as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga and Gucci.
     A Breath of Fresh Air For International Buyers
    The modern Ukrainian fashion industry with its new clothing brands is a breath of fresh air for international buyers, bored with the same-looking shows that have been circling around in the main capitals of the industry, as it presents a new unique vision while paying attention to worldwide trends.
    NYFW is Breaking Its Boundaries
    As Anna Wintour mentions in the recent Vogue post, “there was a huge effort to be inventive” and that is precisely what the fashion-lovers experienced. In the light of all the top and high end fashion brands, we picked out three designers that we found memorable. As London wraps up its shows and the spotlight travels to Milan, we want to take it back to New York City and reflect on how the most waited month of the year opened its shows.
    Comfort Within the Construct of a Stitch
    Black is the new black for the PRZHONSKAYA FW16 collection. This constant at Ukrainian Fashion Week went back to its characteristic monochromatic color scheme, and it returned for another season of slick city styled outfits. But the collection’s urban nature is not isolated to wear only in Ukraine - from New York City to Sydney and from Paris to Tokyo, these designs are perfect for any urban wardrobe.
    Dressing on the MVRS
    MVRS designer Maria Proskurovskaya is moving up in the fashion world with her latest PROSKUROVSKAYA Pre-Spring 2017 collection. Filled to the brim with refreshing creativity, the accessories (shoes and handbags) act as the perfect statement piece for any outfit. The collection bursts with happines with the details that Proskurovskaya infused into every piece: bubbles, fringes and colors. She aptly named this collection “Bubbles.”
    POUSTOVIT Campaign FW 16/17
    Perfection is in its casualness - everything is happening with no envision, but ‘here and now’.“I found these spontaneous captures an organic reflection of POUSTOVIT clothing line: authentic without imitation,” says the brand designer Lilia Poustovit.
    Flowing with Fashion and Society - Flow the Label SS 16
    Those styles, jacket and dress matches as well as complimentary pant with top combinations convey a retro yet fun feeling that reminisced of the chic 90s woman.
    Polina Veller Goes Futuristic With Her Collection
    The world of fashion has already known a number of successful collections that used plastic as a material. It’s waterproof, it’s unusual, and it looks futuristic. Plus, plastic is a relatively cheap medium.
    Love Anna October’s new Spring Summer 2016 Collection LOVE
    ANNA OCTOBER juxtaposes bold outlines and neutral fabrics to channel the liveliness that comes with femininity, and she aims for women to feel an amplification of these characteristics while wearing her clothing.
    Best of Ukrainian Fashion Week
    THEODIVO.COM gives you the best of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Irina Danilevskaya, the founder and organizer of UFW uncovered the secrets of all the hard and complex work put into the founding and development of Fashion Week, the honorable number of risen designers, invaluable contribution in growing of new talents, and great efforts put in to attract international cooperation.
    Theo Dekan – the Hand Behind the Brand
    “Today THEO is more than fashion - it is an art, new job opportunities, clothing and life style. The brand is progressing and expanding extremely fast. We are only one and a half years old and it takes decades for others to reach the same level.”
    Introducing: ELENAREVA Autumn/Winter 2015
    For Autumn/Winter 2015, Ukrainian brand ELENAREVA – headed by designer Elena Reva, who has been applauded for her seasonal collaborations with contemporary Slavic artists – presents a collection titled "Birds".
    10 Year-Round Elegant Eveningwear Essentials to Get Your Hands On
    Discover our favourite year-round pieces of evening attire to add to your wardrobe, including beautiful silk dresses and blouses suitable for date night or your next gala or wedding.
    THEO Designer Brand
    THEO DEKAN is not the only one in Ukrainian fashion sphere who calls himself a rebel. However, he might be the only one who really lives up to this lous and demanding word. He made his long-expected debut at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and immediately caught the attention of the public and the professional press.