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    Bringing Boho Back: Five Looks We Love
    Some tips for looking like a free-spirited bohemian with your wardrobe.
    Whether your goal is to create a killer Instagram feed or get your photos featured on fashion magazines across the globe, here are a few tips to get the perfect shot.
    Want to Be a Fashion Photographer? 5 Tips to Get Started
    New trends in beauty show up all the time. Here are some classic ones that you should pay attention to.
    Game Changing Accessories on Runways Today
    Here are a few game-changing accessories that have recently been worn on runways today!
    Trends For All Seasons
    Here’s some friendly advice from a very good and generous fashion genius of our generation who has chosen modestly to remain anonymous. You’ve heard that fashion is a way of life countless times. You may have heard that you are addressed as you are dressed. It cannot be overemphasized. The right outfit has the amazing power of transforming you into a whole different personality.
    Black is Beautiful: Style Tips for African-American Ladies
    When it comes to style, black ladies have a certain magic about us. Whether it's our best-kept beauty secrets or elegant sense of fashion, we're known for setting the trends.
    Behind the Scenes of Precious 7 Magazine
    As fashion week leaves New York City to continue showcasing the best works to the world, many young designers got inspired by the pieces of the professionals. With everyone trying to find their style and voice among the competition, it must be a challenge for companies like Precious 7 to find the right designer to tell his story.
    Essential Skin Care Tips for Busy People
    Being on a tight schedule makes it difficult to take care of yourself, especially cosmetic needs like skincare.
    Smart Casual: How Modern Businessmen Build a Balanced Wardrobe
    What makes a modern businessman? Working professionals have to know how to dress well too. Take a look at these wardrobe must-haves for business professionals.
    Dream Of An Artist – Elegant Woman On Stage And In Life
    TATYANA HARKOFF: “I came to this world absolutely accidentally”. She graduated from Engineering and Construction Institute and was changing her jobs every 6 months. Being creator and perfectionist by nature, she was working days and nights while her interest was high...
    Graceful Ways to Look Younger as You Age
    Aging is something most people try to avoid, especially when it comes to our outward appearance.
    Skirt Weather? Six Flirty Skirt Styles to Keep You Warm This Season
    Are you excited to start wearing all your skirts and dresses this winter season? Here are some of the best winter styles for wearing skirts and dresses.
    Are African Prints Taking Over? Best Designers with New Designs
    African prints are often the most stunning pieces on the runway, displaying rich color and vibrant tight patterns or geometric shapes that symbolize the continent's unique culture, heritage, and one-of-a-kind textile artistry.
    Designer ELENAREVA Birds Collection
    Ukrainian brand ELENAREVA – headed by designer Elena Reva, who has been applauded for her seasonal collaborations with contemporary Slavic artists – presents a collection titled "Birds".
    Introducing: Ukrainian designer Dina Lynnyk
    With an admirable educational background, and plenty of early experience and ambition, Dina Lynnyk started her brand, It's Me, in her native Ukraine in 2011. It was then she won a Harper’s Bazaar young designers “Fashion Forward” contest and got herself an internship at Kate Malandrino’s in New York, which only added to her extensive experience. Dina is inspired by many designers but in particular Raf Simmons and J.W. Anderson.
    What is Fаѕhiоn Trend Really About? Cycle Of Fashion Trend
    Bеfоrе twо or three dесаdеѕ it might hаvе tаkеn a ѕоmе rеаrѕ to make it frоm runwау to mass mаrkеt, however, nоwаdауѕ рrоduсеrѕ hаvе put thе fаѕhiоn сусlе intо rарid ѕрееd. Nоw, a hot trend often mаkеѕ it appearance in lоw cost or diѕсоunt retail ѕtоrе in as littlе as a fеw days оr mоnthѕ.
    The 80's Returned To Become The Biggest Fashion Trend Of 2017 and 2018 for Sure
    The new 80’s wave only hit its stride by the fall of 2016, when the aforementioned designers were joined by Jeremy Scott, Isabel Marant, and, most notably, Mark Jacobs, as he used all the elements that made that era what it is. Fast-forward to spring 2017, and this trend is dominating now, including such titans of the industry as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga and Gucci.
    Designer POUSTOVIT: Perfection is in its casualness
    Perfection is in its casualness - everything is happening with no envision, but ‘here and now’.“I found these spontaneous captures an organic reflection of POUSTOVIT clothing line: authentic without imitation,” says the brand designer Lilia Poustovit.
    San Francisco-based style blogger, Tienlyn of Thoughtful Misfit
    We were recently very lucky to interview the stunning Tienlyn of San Francisco-based blog, "Thoughtful Misfit".
    A Brief History of Embroidery
    Beautifully embroidered clothes are very popular today. If you surf through old fashion magazines, you will see that this particular element has been present in almost every major collection for decades. That is why we've delved further into the history of this beautiful craft.
    Raster For The Fashion Master - Playing Pixel Games
    Who knew playing pixel games of yore that now this old stuff will be a hot hot trend. Neither Mario nor Luigi appeared to imagine the Pac-Man watch by Romain Jerome or...
    Not Cyber-Punk, Just Cyber-Cossak Ksenia Schnaider
    Con5truct your dr3am, fee1 your fr33d0m - these are the main ideas of high-tech progress.
    Ethno Spirit by Designer Karavay
    Brand KARAVAY, formed back in 2003, prefers conceptual projection. Thematically treated collection becomes the next direction in realization of the high principles. There're three such directions marked: ukrainism, festivity, feminineness.