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    Flowing with Fashion and Society - Flow the Label
    Those styles, jacket and dress matches as well as complimentary pant with top combinations convey a retro yet fun feeling that reminisced of the chic 90s woman.
    “Today THEO is more than fashion - it is an art, new job opportunities, clothing and life style. The brand is progressing and expanding extremely fast. We are only one and a half years old and it takes decades for others to reach the same level.”
    Theo Dekan – the Hand Behind the Brand
    THEODIVO.COM gives you the best of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Irina Danilevskaya, the founder and organizer of UFW uncovered the secrets of all the hard and complex work put into the founding and development of Fashion Week, the honorable number of risen designers, invaluable contribution in growing of new talents, and great efforts put in to attract international cooperation.
    Backstage of Guest from the Feature
    Monday mornings start with a cup of coffee as you stroll your way to the office. Though this was no ordinary day for the youngest Ukrainian talent, Anna K. The model-turned-designer started her journey from her first show at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days as a 16 year-old.
    The “Firebird” of New York Fashion Week
    Force. Power. Attitude. Those are the three words that come to mind when describing the Fall/Winter 2016 collection of Ev Bessar. The rawness of the leather and yarn nets captured the attention of the viewers from the first step of a model.
    A Self - Fulfilling Prophecy
    "I always ask myself whether I have been effective as a clothing designer if I cannot even convince people to experiment with their coats once in a blue moon. So I decided to give people an alternative. Not everyone will embrace my ideas, but that is not the point. My idea was to liberate at least some of the casual crowd". Lilia Poustovit
     ElenaKara: Your Next Fashion Accessory
    “I wanted to create a brand that is minimalistic in its aesthetics, function in its design, feels luxurious and is attainable.”While Fashion Week kicks off with new season trends and styles from well established fashion houses, new talents catch the opportunity for them to shine. This is particularly true for ElenaKara – adding an edgy design to our beloved handbags.
    WARDROBE BASICS - the essentials. Don't say we didn't tell you!
    Let's face it: you don't wear all of the stuff in your closet. In fact, there are quite a lot of things that just sit there, on the shelves far far away, waiting for their 15 minutes of fame that might never come. What you wear daily are comfortable, fitting clothes that match well with other items and allow to accessorize. Are we right?
    Onuka: The Mix of Techno Sound and TraditioN
    Onuka is a Ukrainian music band that is starting to make its name known far beyond the bordersof its native country.
    Spring/Summer 2016: Fashion Trends to Look Forward To
    For Spring/Summer 2016, the catwalk has been alive with stunning collections. Neutral tones such as browns and nudes seem to be at the forefront of designers’ minds, and the cuts are very flattering. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Spring/Summer is my favourite season! I absolutely love the beach, the sun, and the ability to sit outside in a pretty, flowing summer dress (without a jacket or cardigan on!).
    HURTS visit Ukraine’s music and social scene again
    This is exactly why HURTS, the universally celebrated electronic duo from Manchester, Great Britain, have visited Ukraine. Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have shot their latest video, Wings, in Ukraine’s capital Kiev.
    Ukrainian Legacy: Not Just the Roots, But Also the Bloom
    Lately, I just can't help the idea that this explosion of bright Ukrainian attire is kind of artificial and it's all for the show. I think my impression is quite justified, but I'm sure it will take just a little time for this feast of colors and shapes that evaporated into time and space will be reborn...
    Konstantin KOFTA is one of Ukraine's most intriguing designers
    Konstantin Kofta is one of Ukraine's most intriguing designers. The world saw his debut in 2010, and in just three years this Central Saint Martins graduate presented his first mono-brand exhibition in Paris.
    An interview with Washington-based style blogger, Julien Garman
    We interview Washington-based style blogger, Julien Garman of "It's Julien", about her lifestyle and love of fashion.
    Lara Quint celebrates Hannibal Lecter
    Just two years old, the Lara Quint brand is still in its very early stages. However, to date, Lara has been able to voice her design aims easily by creating women's clothing that can only be described as "effortless chic".
    Spring/Summer 2016: The Pearls of Ukrainian Fashion Week
    Eastern Europe's fashion industry still has a long way to go to match the West, but Ukrainian Fashion Week is an event that successfully brings these two worlds closer together.
    NARCISS Spring/Summer 2016
    Founded in 2011 by designer, Alise Trautmane – who is currently completing her studies at Parsons The New School for Design (New York) – NARCISS is a young label that aims to "encourage women to be more self-confident" with their classic, edgy and feminine garments.
    ODIVO featured on ROUGH Magazine
    Last week, we were absolutely thrilled to be featured on UK-based fashion, art and culture magazine, ROUGH.
    Polina Veller explores plastic as a means for fashion
    Ukrainian designer, Polina Veller, looks to the future with a collection made entirely from plastic.
    Introducing: Ksenia Schnaider aesthetic collection
    For Spring/Summer 2016, Ksenia Schnaider moves away from the vibrant aesthetic that dominated the past two seasons and returns to a neutral palette of black, white, nude and grey.
    Raster For The Fashion Master - Playing Pixel Games
    Who knew playing pixel games of yore that now this old stuff will be a hot hot trend. Neither Mario nor Luigi appeared to imagine the Pac-Man watch by Romain Jerome or...
    Not Cyber-Punk, Just Cyber-Cossak Ksenia Schnaider
    Con5truct your dr3am, fee1 your fr33d0m - these are the main ideas of high-tech progress.
    Ethno Spirit by Designer Karavay
    Brand KARAVAY, formed back in 2003, prefers conceptual projection. Thematically treated collection becomes the next direction in realization of the high principles. There're three such directions marked: ukrainism, festivity, feminineness.
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