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    Interview with Texas-based artist and photographer, Katy Shayne
    We interview Austin, Texas-based artist and photographer, Katy Shayne about her work, style and dreams.
    We love to find out about brilliant emerging fashion photographers, and we're sure you do, too. It's with that we have put together a list of some fantastic emerging fashion photographers from all over the world who we think you should check out!
    5 Emerging Fashion Photographers To Know
    Discover our favourite year-round pieces of evening attire to add to your wardrobe, including beautiful silk dresses and blouses suitable for date night or your next gala or wedding.
    Find Your Favourite Workwear Essentials
    To help you with your choices when it comes to what to wear to work this coming season, we have put together a list of some of our favourite, most stylish workwear and wardrobe essentials for Autumn/Winter 2015.
    In the press: ODIVO launch announced
    See THEODIVO.COM's official launch announced in the press!
    The Ukrainian Designer Making Pastels Work
    Pastels can be difficult to pull off in winter, but this Ukrainian womenswear designer has grabbed our attention with a fresh, clean-cut collection.
    Brand New and the Little Bit Olde Ukrainian Collections
    5 brand new collections were represented on the recent Ukrainian Fashion Week.
    Kiev Fashion Days: Five Years Anniversary
    Kiev is steadily growing as a fashion capital and the 10th season of Mercedes-Benz Kiev FashionDays is a testament to that.
    Next Fashion Capital of Tomorrow?
    The world’s eyes have recently been turned towards Ukraine, which led to many calls for closer integration with this Eastern European country.
    What Went Down - Ukraine is Up the New Interest Wave
    It seems like lately Ukraine has been rediscovered by the world, namely, by the most progressive musicians of various styles. For instance, "Foals", the beloved British indie rockers, shot their new video, "What Went Down", in Kyiv...
    FLOW For Winter FLOW For Fall Part II
    They say what goes around, comes around. This applies perfectly to the clothing, and I don't need to say much more: just check out the new FLOW collection for the season of fall-winter 2016. The designer duo clearly took inspiration from the abundant heritage of the 1970s...
     One of the Top Most Wanted Video Shooting Locations
    You have definitely noticed that Ukraine is trending nowadays, but we bet you didn't think of this land as a hype music industry Mecca. Shooting music videos on the territory of this amazing European counrtry has become a trend already!..
    THEO Designer Brand
    THEO DEKAN is not the only one in Ukrainian fashion sphere who calls himself a rebel. However, he might be the only one who really lives up to this lous and demanding word. He made his long-expected debut at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and immediately caught the attention of the public and the professional press.
    A Resort to Exult - Ksenia Schnaider Resort 2016 Collection
    Ksenia Schnaider resort collection 2016 is something to talk about. First of all, this is a perfect summer addition to your wardrobe. Second, the designer and her assistants took the most common stereotypes about the usual warm season attire set and turned it into a new, unexpected limelight.
    KARAVAY Everlasting Phantasy
    Designer Iryna KARAVAY is impeccable at rethinking the classical ideas and turning them into fresh, unseen porcelain-looking masterpieces. She is fearless in terms of materials to enliven the abstract images that live inside her head: linen, leather, faux fur, metallic thread, chiffon, wool, printed embroidery, sequins, beads and what else.
    Anna October: a Severe Splash of Color
    ANNA OCTOBER continues her stardom “secret garden” story that brought her to international recognition. This time, her collection is all about the unexpected. First, there are glazing black dresses and gowns; next, you suddenly have your eyes wide opened by the coralline and adamantly blue.This is all about her: unexpected, flirty, quick to laugh, fleeting.
    Ksenia Schnaider and Ali Saulidi Collaboration
    The Ukrainian brand known as KSENIA SCHNAIDER included sneakers in their cruise collection 2016 for the first time. The designers Ksenia and Anton Schneider created them in collaboration with the Kiev shoemaker called Ali Saulidi...
    Flow For Winter Flow for Fall
    70’s were the time of big changes in society and culture. War in Vietnam, new wave of youth subcultures including hippie, heyday of mainstream cinema and pop-music and, of course, sexual revolution: this complex blend of events and facts have affected fashion of that period greatly.
    Luxury Fashion Brand ANDREEVA - Fall Winter 15
    This Fall Winter 15 season you can try something bold and unexpected with the collection by ANDREEVA. Naivete and simplicity, boldness and courage - this is what makes this collection so special. Each of the outfits is so autonomous and uncompromised that you will find it difficult to resist.
    Transcendental Ukraine by KARAVAY Spring Summer 15
    You might be a fan of 8-bit computer games. You are definitely fascinated with strict geometrical silhouettes. It is very likely that you see a gradient mellow palette when you open your closet at the beginning of your day...
    Raster For The Fashion Master - Playing Pixel Games
    Who knew playing pixel games of yore that now this old stuff will be a hot hot trend. Neither Mario nor Luigi appeared to imagine the Pac-Man watch by Romain Jerome or...
    Not Cyber-Punk, Just Cyber-Cossak Ksenia Schnaider
    Con5truct your dr3am, fee1 your fr33d0m - these are the main ideas of high-tech progress.
    Ethno Spirit by Designer Karavay
    Brand KARAVAY, formed back in 2003, prefers conceptual projection. Thematically treated collection becomes the next direction in realization of the high principles. There're three such directions marked: ukrainism, festivity, feminineness.
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